Frequently Asked Questions and Common Problems

Note:  Customers who are signed up for recurring membership through Eclipse Billing will lose site access on thier rebill date.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Your business is sincerely appreciated

1.  If I sign up for membership to the site do I get access to the videos in the archives catalog?  

No......the videos in the archives catalog have either been through the members area or will at some point go through the members area, but they are not available upon sign up.

2.  Is my username for the website the same as my login id for the archives catalog?

No.....the archives catalog uses your email address as login and you set your own password.  Only you have access to your password.  We cannot retrieve it for you as it is in a packed form.  You must reset your own password using the forgot password link located near the login box.  When you use the link.....make sure that you don't block the automatic e-mail that will be sent to your e-mail address with your new password.  Read on....

3.  Why isn't my E-mail being answered? responds to all E-mail inquiries.  If you are a user of,,, or other free e-mail account providers, and you are not receiving e-mail replies from it is because our e-mail is being diverted to your junk mail folder.  E-mail pirates create bogus e-mail addresses that end with and use those e-mail addresses to distribute advertisements.  They try to trick you into thinking that sent those e-mails.  Those advertisements are not condoned, created by or supported by  However as a result of this e-mail piracy, it may not be possible for your to receive e-mail replies to your questions because your e-mail account provider is blocking that mail from getting to you.  Those who use third party spam blockers may also be blocking e-mail from  Please check your junk mail box for replies from, or exempt mail from from being blocked by your spam blocker programs.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

4.  Why doesn't my username and password work anymore? uses a security program which prevents hackers from entering the site and stealing images and video clips.  This security software will block a username from logging on if that username is used to log on from several different computers in a short period of time, or if someone attempts to log on using that username and inputs the wrong password several times in a row it will block that computers ip address for 12 hours.  If you are unable to log on, and your account has not expired, e-mail and the system will be reset to provide you with access to your account.   Your e-mail will be responded to, usually within 24 hours.  However you may not be able to receive this e-mail if your e-mail provider is blocking all mail from  See number 1 above.

5.  My hard disk crashed and I lost all the video clips that I previously purchased.  Can I get another copy?

When you download a file, you purchase that file.  It is your responsibility to back up that file, either on another hard disk, or by burning it to a cd.  There is no convenient method for re-sending those large files.  They exist in protected areas on the server.  In some cases we can work with you on it but no guarantee.

6.  Why are the clips in the archives catalog in zip format?

The clips were previously in .wmv or .mpg format, however many users were infected with adware that would launch when their video player started running during their download.  The adware interrupts the data stream by sending data back to its advertising owners on what you are currently watching so they can target advertising at you..........this also results in corrupted downloads.  The complaint level was too high to manage.  When we switched to .zip people started getting complete downloads and could enjoy the clips.  The only problem with .zip files is that they will not open if you do not get a complete and successful download and you need a program to unzip them.  Windows XP and Vista have it built.  Only your older machines will have a problem and you can download a 30 day trial version of winzip that will allow you to unzip files if needed.  The trial version won't let you create .zip files after the trial is over but it will allow you to unzip .zip files forever so you don't need to pay up for it.   

7.  The clip won't download or I get a corrupt file error message when I attempt to open the .zip file.  I've tried re-downloading but it doesn't work.  What am I doing wrong?

If you are having trouble downloading, follow these steps.  Only click one time on the link…..wait a little while before clicking again.  If you get an incomplete download the zip file will not open and will show as a corrupt file.  If this happens, The best thing to do is go to tools, internet options, under browsing history click on delete temporary internet files.  Then do the download again.  As long as the incompletely downloaded file is sitting there in your temporary internet files folder there is a chance that your computer will go retrieve that file to save time over downloading the same filename from the site again.  That’s the purpose of the temporary internet files folder.  To make your machine go faster by saving recent files that can be retrieved instantly from your hard disk instead of slowly over the internet.  Unfortunately it sometimes prevents you from downloading a new file from us when your last file was incomplete.

If that doesn’t work update your virus protection software, run a full system scan, reboot your computer, and try again.  You’ll need a fast or stable internet connection to download a long clip.  Make sure no other programs are running that are hogging bandwidth while you do the download.  Only download one file at a time.



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