Site Philosophy 

Under no circumstances do the producers of this site promote real violence towards women. The playing of a role to enhance sexual interplay has been going on since the dawn of man. It is also 180 degrees opposed in philosophy to anything related to real violence. To members of this site....the viewing of erotic distress combined with captivity and forced orgasm is enjoyable, and preferable to watching the mass murder, torture, and forced intercourse which is shown on mainstream television during prime time without age verification every day. While we respect the right of others to protest our bizarre bent, we would also respectfully request that we be allowed to practice our constitutional right to free speech in a legal and protected environment. 

All of the scenes on this site were rehearsed and carefully acted out with utmost regard for personal safety and consent.  Nothing on this site is forced.  There is no under age fantasy.  All actors, actresses, set crews were over 18.  The dominant male figures act to position and control her body.  Actresses are not marked, bruised, pierced, or tortured.    Some scenes contain full nudity while others are fully clothed.  The models are adventurous and energetic, and pour a significant part of themselves into these roles.  They deserve the credit for the work.  

Please do not attempt to recreate the positions and scenarios presented on this site at home, you are running the risk of injuring your partner.  While it may not be outwardly apparent, a great deal of planning, rehearsing, flexibility testing, and thought, went into the avoidance of personal injury.  This is in effect stunt work.

This site complies with the record keeping requirements of USC 2257.  This means that all the models who ever posed for this site were 18 years of age or older on the date of shooting, and that a minimum set of government stipulated age verifications, and methods to contact the model and producer have been met.  Models who are interested in posing for the site contact  Must be over 18 to discuss.